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  Encrypting Scripts for Distribution    
SteelArrow comes with a utility for encrypting and decrypting scripts. SAencrypt offers a developer the opportunity to encrypt scripts for distribution to any server running the SteelArrow Web Application software.

The encryption key is embedded within the encrypted script itself, and therefore requires no configuration on the system to which it is distributed. With the caching mechanisms built into SteelArrow, the efficinecy of the system is not affected by implementing encrypted scripts.

Usage parameters for SAencrypt are as follows:

Usage: SAencrypt -encrypt key -f filename
       SAencrypt -decrypt key -f filename
       SAencrypt -encrypt key -d directory
       SAencrypt -decrypt key -d directory

(As of v3.3) Bundled with the install is a GUI for SAencrypt called SAEncryptor. With this utility, a developer has the ability to recurse a directory encrytping or decryping all of the scripts that may be encountered.

See a sample of an encrypted script.


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