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  Mapping users to one account    
SteelArrow supports the mapping of several users to one NT account. This can be implemented to help secure your system, and avoid the necessity to create numerous user accounts just for access to one directory.

By implementing user accounts, it is possible to secure a directory or file, and either log that access and/or redirect users based on login information. As an example, a site may require the ability to receive information from registered users in order to change site content. The implementation may require that some users have full access to the database, while others may only require access to some portion of the database. User mapping allows the developer to control this access in the simplest most efficient way.

To implement the system, create one account for the site. Then with the SteelArrow configurator, map each required user to this NT account. When each user logs in to the site, they are granted access as though they are the specified user, but they carry their own username and password allowing added/editted records to carry their specific information. This results in a the ability to track site changes by several different users.

Since the user mapping information is stored in the Windows registry, it is possible to create user accounts programmatically with SteelArrow. (This requires WRITEREG access to be allowed through the SteelArrow configuration).

Mapped username and password (user supplied) information can be retrieved from the CGI table; namely CGI.AUTH_USER and CGI.AUTH_PASS variables.


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