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  WML database interaction    
SteelArrow supports new XML technologies as they become available. WML (Wireless Markup Language) is a language based on XML that allows interaction with wireless devices, such as cellular phones and personal information devices.

By changing the content header of a SteelArrow page, WML support is as easy to implement as standard HTML support. The sample that we offer here is accessible with a cellular phone emulator (emulators and other WML specific technologies/information can be found at

You may view the source for the sample, but you will need an emulator or WML enabled device to try the sample. If you have one of these devices, point it at the web address to try out the sample.

The sample is a very simple interface to a database. You can search for users by name or phone number. If any users are found, they are listed. At any point you may add a new entry to the database.

For those unable to access the sample, we offer some screen shots of the process.


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