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  SESSION Table    
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The SESSION table contains all session variables. It is through the use of this table that session management is performed. Anything added to this table remains in the table until the user session expires.

To access values in this table, use the syntax SESSION.variableName

The following example shows how information can be added and retrieved from the SESSION table.

<!--- Set a value into the SESSION table --->

<!--- Retrieve a value from the SESSION table --->
As with all SteelArrow variables, other tables can be stored with the SESSION table. This aids in the development of eCommerce solutions that may require shopping cart type functionality.

The SESSION object has several predefined values, as follows:
The below values were retrieved from your SESSION table.

SESSION.TIMEOUT Session Timeout (minutes)
SESSION.TIME Session Last Access Time
SESSION.DATE Session Last Access Date
SESSION.UNIQUEID Script Unique Identifier
SESSION.USERID Session Unique User Id

The SESSION.TIMEOUT value is the time in minutes that this session will expire. This value can be changed to reflect the requirements of the web application. The defualt can also be changed by the administrator using the system configuration utility.

The SESSION.UNIQUEID is created everytime any script is accessed. It is a unique identifier that will never be repeated. If you are a database developer this value can be used as a primary key.

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