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  General Programming

1. Does SteelArrow support XML?
2. When do I quote?
3. Is SteelArrow case sensitive?
4. Is the order of attributes important within a SteelArrow tag?
5. Does SteelArrow work with Java and JavaScript?
6. How do I retrieve the value of the CGI query string?
7. How do I convert a string to a number?
8. How do I get the number of elements inside a list or a table.
9. What is the difference between the HTML comment <!-- Comment --> and the SteelArrow comment <!--- Comment -->
10. How do I send email messages with SteelArrow?

  SteelArrow Code Snippets

1. Code for a date picker with validation.
2. How do I uppercase the first letter of a name, and lower the case on the characters that follow?

  SteelArrow Data Types

1. Can I easily build a structure in SteelArrow?
2. How do I add data to a list object?
3. Does SteelArrow support associative arrays?
4. What data types does SteelArrow support?
SteelArrow supports basic data types such as INTEGER,FLOAT,BOOLEAN and STRING

It also supports LIST and TABLE type data types.  LIST objects are one dimensional arrays that can contain scalars (INTEGER,FLOAT,BOOLEAN,STRING) or other LIST object and even TABLE objects.

TABLEs are 2 dimensional, but since they can also contain the other data types their dimensions can be defined to be any value.

To create a scalar data value use the SASET tag as follows;

<!--- Create an integer with a value of 10 --->

<!--- Create a float with a value of -100.56 --->
<SASET NAME=float VALUE=-100.56>

<!--- Create a string with a value of "Hello" --->
<SASET NAME=string VALUE="Hello">

<!--- Create a boolean with a value of TRUE --->

<!--- Create a list with 3 elements --->
<SASET NAME=list VALUE=MakeList( ":", "123:456:789")>

<!--- Create a table with 3 columns --->
<SASET NAME=table VALUE=MakeTable( COL1,COL2,COL3 )>
5. Is WDDX supported by SteelArrow?

  SteelArrow Security

1. What security features are offered by SteelArrow?

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