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The DEFSET tag is used to set a variable to a value, if a value has not already been associated with it. The tag is the short form of:
   <SAIF COND=!IsDefined(var)>
      <SASET NAME=var VALUE=value>

If the variable already has a value (not an empty string), the variable will remain unchanged.
NAMEvariable name
VALUEvariable or expression

The following is an example of DEFSET;
<!--- Will create 'var' with the below value --->
<SADEFSET NAME=var VALUE="var will now be this string">

<SASET NAME=var2 VALUE="var2 value">

<!--- Won't do anything since var2 has a value --->
<SADEFSET NAME=var2 VALUE="var2 will not be this string">

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