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Secure Tag
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The MAIL tag allows for the sending of SMTP mail messages. All address fields allow a semi-colon or comma delimited list of email addresses.
TOvariable or literal string (recipient)
FROMvariable or literal string (sender)
CCvariable or literal string (other recipients)
BCCvariable or literal string (other hidden recipients)
SUBJECTvariable or literal string (message subject)
SERVERvariable or literal string (server to use; not required)
PORTvariable or literal string (server port to use; not required)
ATTACHMENTvariable or literal string (';' delimited list of attachments - relative to executing script)
HTML"yes" or "no" (default is "no")
TEXTCOPYa plain text version of the message (used only when HTML='yes')

The following is an example of MAIL;
   SUBJECT="Testing 123">

This is the message body. SAOUTPUT is assumed, so variables can be output within this block using the '#' character. As well, full flow control is allowed within this block (ie. IF, SWITCH, WHILE, LOOP).

in the above example you can change the FROM field so that alternate information can be displayed instead of the raw email address. The following code demonstrates how to do so:

   <SAMAIL TO=to FROM="MY COMPANY NAME " & Markup("")>

in this case "MY COMPANY NAME" will be displayed in the FROM field of the users email client.

** Attachments are relative to the executing script, but not above it (ie. the use of ".." is not allowed in the path).

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