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The SAOUTPUT tag allows the output of variables, or expressions. These values are wrapped within '#' characters. SAOUTPUT can be used recursively to scope variable output within variable output. The global namespace is checked first, and then the "scoped" namespace.
SCOPEvariable scope to apply to "output"
VALUEvariable or expression to ouput
AUTOLOOPvariable or expression to auto-loop over

The following is an example of SAOUTPUT;
<SASET NAME=var VALUE="Testing 123">
<!--- Simple value output --->

<!--- No 'SCOPE=' means global namespace --->

<!--- The next line puts us in 'SESSION' namespace --->
<!--- (The global) #var# will still be resolved --->

<!--- The next line puts us in 'CGI' namespace --->

<!--- Now we are back in 'SESSION' namespace --->

<!--- AUTOLOOP sets the scope and automatically repeats all
      lines of code for each record in the specified object --->
   <!--- Outputs all 'columName' rows within dbQuery --->

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