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The SETTING tag is used to change configuration variables. The SAOUTPUTONLY attribute can be set to either "yes" or "no", when set to "yes" only items wrapped in the SAOUTPUT tag are considered for output. The ENDLESSLOOP attribute can be used to override the default global "endlessLoop" setting for the executing script. The DOMAIN attribute can be used to share sessions between sub-domains of the same high level domain.
SAOUTPUTONLY"yes" or "no"
ENDLESSLOOPnumber of loops to consider an endless loop
EXECUTETIMEOUTnumber of seconds before considered an execute timeout (default is 30)
DOMAIN high-level domain name to associate SESSION.UserID with; can only be specified for pages that are under the high level domain or one of its sub-domains

The following is an example of SETTING;
<!--- Will create 'var' with the below value --->

Will never be displayed!!!<BR>
<SAOUTPUT>will be displayed</SAOUTPUT>

<!--- Outputs: --->
will be displayed

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