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The TIMEDOPER allows a script to be scheduled to execute at a given time. The script can also be set to re-occurr, or as a one-shot execution.

Though TIMEDOPER can appear in any script, usually the ServerStart.aro script will contain all TIMEDOPER scheduled scripts.

NAME name of operation
operations of the same name over-write this one
operations of the same name with invalid (or no) time delete this one
ATdate and time
INnumber of seconds
ITERATIONSnumber of iterations (default is 1)
TIMEOUToperation timeout; in minutes (default is 60)

The following is an example of TIMEDOPER;
<!--- 10 minute timer; 5 iterations --->
   <!--- Send mail message every 10 minutes --->
   <SAMAIL TO=""" FROM=""
         SUBJECT="timed message">
      Message sent #Now()#

<SATIMEDOPER AT=Now("mm/dd/yyyy 23:59")>
   <!--- Send mail message at midnight --->
   <SAMAIL TO=""" FROM=""
         SUBJECT="timed message">
      Message sent #Now()#

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