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  SteelArrow for Fuzzy Searching    

With the new phonetic and fuzziness functions, it is now possible to use SteelArrow for "fuzzy" searching. This demo uses a database of given names, and a very small script to demonstrate the functionality.

The script to retrieve the data is as follows;

 <!--- Get the phonetic sound of the name --->
 <SASET NAME=phName VALUE=Phonetic( )>

 <!--- Compare against the values in the database --->
 <SAQUERY NAME=results DATASOURCE="Phonetic">
   SELECT * FROM Phonetic WHERE key = '#phName#'

 <SAIF COND=results.RowCount()>
   <!--- Iterate over the database results --->
   <SAWHILE COND=results.MoreData()>
     <!--- Get "fuzziness" of database word to supplied word --->
     <SASET NAME=results.fuzzy[] 
     <SANEXT NAME=results>
   <SAFIRST NAME=results>
   <SASET NAME=results VALUE=results.Sort("fuzzy" )>
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