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  Sample Guestbook    

The SteelArrow sample guestbook is made up of only 4 files. With the exception of GuestBook.aro, all of these files are static and do not require any real processing.

The AddEntry.htm file is a standard HTML form to allow users to input information that will be tracked in the guestbook.

The EntryFormat.dat file is an HTML template that will be used to format the information received form the user. Contained within this file are the placeholders for the data, and the HTML surrounding tags to format this data.

The GuestBook.htm file represents all of the data that has been received from site visitors. This file will grow as more entries are added to the guestbook. Within the guestbook.htm file, there is a comment <!- BEGIN -->. This comment serves as a placeholder, and will be the insertion point for new guestbook entries.

The GuestBook.aro file is the "brain" behind the guestbook, and is the ACTION page of the AddEntry.htm form.

Give the guestbook a try.

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