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The previous example used the <SAOUTPUT> tag to output information to the client browser. The tag contained what is referred to as an attribute. Attributes are the name=value pairs that are contained within an element.

The attribue of the <SAOUTPUT> tag was the VALUE=PARAM[] portion of the previous example. This may cause some confusion since the name is VALUE and the value is PARAM[], so let's look at another example.

The <SASET> tag is used in SteelArrow to set variable values. It has two possible attributes, one is the VALUE and the other is the NAME. An example of the SET tag is; <SASET NAME=someVar VALUE="Hello how are you?">. NAME is one attribute, and it has a value of someVar.

The above example shows how attributes are used in SteelArrow (and HTML for that matter) to provide extra information to the tag. Attributes are used extensively in SteelArrow to help ease the learning curve to the language. This tag/attribute mechanism is used and accepted by most markup languages.

Select the button below to see an example of the <SASET> tag, and how it uses attributes to manipulate and associate vaiables with values. As in the previous example, right click in the generated right frame and select "View source" to see that the SteelArrow tags have been removed or replaced with their associated values.


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