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  The Basics    
If you are at all familiar with HTML coding, you will be right at home with SteelArrow. All dynamic functionality comes from scripts that contain both HTML and SteelArrow specific tags. Usually HTML makes up 95% of the page, with SteelArrow only being used to control small portions.

SteelArrow scripts are exactly the same as a standard HTML page, they support embedded JavaScript code, and Java applets. Anything that can be done with HTML can be performed with SteelArrow. The key difference between HTML and SteelArrow is that while HTML pages normally carry the .htm or .html extension, SteelArrow pages carry an extension of .aro. Visit the SteelArrow tag reference page for examples of SteelArrow specific tags.

Tags, the SteelArrow Building Blocks
Tags May Need Attributes
Tags Can Also Contain Data
SteelArrow Variables
SteelArrow Operators
Controlling Script Flow
Looping Constructs

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