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SteelArrow supports numerous operators, allowing things such as string concatenation, basic math and boolean operations.

The following list describes each operator that is available to the developer:

Side Note: SteelArrow is a case-insensitive language. As a result, a variable named variableName is the same variable as VARIABLENAME Likewise, the below list of operators is also case-insensitive: .eq. is the same as .Eq.

 Mathematical Operators
+Addition, or string concatenation if either value is not numeric
&String concatenation
 Comparison Operators
.ne.Not Equal
.gt.Greater Than
.ge.Greater Than or Equal
.lt.Less Than
.le.Less Than or Equal
 Boolean Operators
TRUEStatic value of 1
FALSEStatic value of 0 or ""

The following are examples of the use of some of the listed operators:

   <!--- Using the operators to compare dates --->
   <SASET NAME=date1 VALUE="12/06/00 12:35">
   <SASET NAME=date2 VALUE="Jan 05, 2001">
   <SAIF COND=date1 .gt. date2>
      date1 is later than date2
      date2 is later than date1

   <!--- Using the operators in an expression --->
   <SAIF COND=(var + 10) .eq. var2 .and. TRUE .eQ. VAR1>
      <SAOUTPUT VALUE=var & var2>

   <!--- Is the variable defined --->
   <SAIF COND=!IsDefined( PARAM.var )>
      PARAM.var is NOT defined!<BR>

   <!--- Creates var4 with a value of 'test56' --->
   <SASET NAME=var4 VALUE="test" + 56>

   <!--- Creates var5 with a value of 'test56' --->
   <SASET NAME=var5 VALUE="test" & 56>

   <!--- Creates var6 with a value of '60' --->
   <SASET NAME=var6 VALUE="4" + "56">

   <!--- Creates var7 with a value of '456' --->
   <SASET NAME=var7 VALUE="4" & "56">

   <!--- Creates var8 with a value of TRUE --->
   <SASET NAME=var8 VALUE="123" .ne. 456>


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