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  General Programming

1. Does SteelArrow support XML?
2. When do I quote?
3. Is SteelArrow case sensitive?
4. Is the order of attributes important within a SteelArrow tag?
5. Does SteelArrow work with Java and JavaScript?
6. How do I retrieve the value of the CGI query string?
7. How do I convert a string to a number?
8. How do I get the number of elements inside a list or a table.
9. What is the difference between the HTML comment <!-- Comment --> and the SteelArrow comment <!--- Comment -->
10. How do I send email messages with SteelArrow?
The SAMAIL tag allows a developer to easily send email messages.  The SAMAIL tag has the following attributes;

   TO   - to address
   FROM - from address
   CC   - carbon copy address
   BCC  - Blind carbon copy address (not displayed in address line)
   SUBJECT - mesage subjec
   HTML - "yes" to send as HTML or "no"
   SERVER - SMTP server to use
   PORT   - SMTP port to use
   TIMEOUT - number of seconds to time out
   ATTACHMENT - list of attachment files delimited by ';' (semi-colon)
   NAME = variable to store result of operation

Normally most of the above are not used since the default values will usually be sufficient for sending a mail message.

To send a basic mail message (to test installation), the following should do the

        SUBJECT="Testing mail!!" NAME=mail>
This is a test message....

The text wrapped with the SAMAIL tag is the text that makes up the body of your mail message.  The SAMAIL tag can also wrap SAIF or other conditional elements to control the creation of the message that is to be sent. 

The named variable (NAME=mail) creates a variable called 'mail', that will contain the result of the SAMAIL operation.  If this parameter is not supplied, the mail message is sent without SteelArrow waiting around for a response.  Using the NAME= attribute forces SteelArrow to wait for the response from the SMTP mail server, and is usually used for debugging purposes.

To output the result of the SAMAIL operation, you can wrap the variable within an SAOUTPUT...


  SteelArrow Code Snippets

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  SteelArrow Data Types

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2. How do I add data to a list object?
3. Does SteelArrow support associative arrays?
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  SteelArrow Security

1. What security features are offered by SteelArrow?

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