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  General Information for Everyone

Tomahawk Releases SteelArrow as Open Source     (NEW)
The release of the application and source code is under the GNU Public License (GPL). This license will allow the code to continue its growth under public domain.

Visit for more information and source distributions

FREE SteelArrow?
SteelArrow is now available for license FREE use on personal computers running MS-Personal Web Server (home use). SteelArrow Studio developer environment (bundled with the install) still remains license FREE for all installations. SteelArrow Studio can be used to develop and easily test SteelArrow, HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, XML, ...

SteelArrow v4.5 Now Available
Code named SteelArrow KA version 4.5 is marked and ready for prime time. Speed, efficiency and new (Kicks-Ass) functionality were key elements with the development of this version of the product. Other key items included a redesign of the communication layer in preparation for cross platform porting.
Note: This version also eliminates a buffer overrun issue found in version 4.1

Mirror Sites with SAMIRROR
SteelArrow now supports site mirroring with a new SAMIRROR tag. This single tag offers site administrators the ability to mirror entire remote or local sites with a single SteelArrow instruction.

SteelArrow v3.9 Kicks Butt in Response Tests
We recently put SteelArrow through its paces (on Windows 2000 Advanced Server) and found that it met or exceeded the efficiency of other Web Application Servers on the market.

  For the SteelArrow Developer

SteelArrow v4.0 Supports COM
With the release of SteelArrow v4.0 came full support for COM automation. With this, the flexibility of SteelArrow takes on a whole new dimension for the web developer.
Check out the COM demos (demo 1, demo 2, demo 3) to see the new functionality in action.

SteelArrow v4.0 and Java
SteelArrow now has support for Java. Java applications can be executed with the <SAEXECJAVA> tag.

SteelArrow (v4.5 or earlier) for Apache Web Server
To install the SteelArrow module, copy the "" to your servers modules directory and add the following entries to your httpd.conf configuration file:

   LoadModule steelarrow_module modules/
   AddHandler steelarrow .aro (in <IfModule mod_mime.c> section)

Download for SteelArrow KA and Apache/1.3.26-1.3.28
Download for SteelArrow v4.1 (or earlier)
Download and install SteelArrow before getting/installing this module.

Easy Debugging with SteelArrow
The <SADEBUG> tag leaves nothing to question. Find out what your variable values are easily with this one tag. This tag delivers even more developer debugging functionality; check the samples page for more information.

SteelArrow and Macromedia Flash
SteelArrow can be used with Flash to add total flexibility to your web sites. Using SteelArrow to manipulate data on the server and Flash to display information on the browser is as easy as it sounds!
Check out our functioning demo guest book, which also includes the SteelArrow sources used to make it all happen.

SteelArrow for "Fuzzy" Searching
Some of the new functions added to SteelArrow in version 3.5 allow for "fuzzy" data searching. Fuzzy searching is based on the phonetic sound of words instead of the actual spelling. As an example, a "fuzzy" search engine may return results for 'school' even though 'skool' was entered by the user.

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